Conscious that our collaborators are our best ambassadors near our customers, the company mobilie the means in order to give best blooming and best the adequate evolution, with this intention our policy of Human Resources is pressed on the pillars of the guardianships, accompaniment and the development continuous.

Guardianship of integration:

The new collaborators are followed in their discovery of the company by a tutor or the first day in general is devoted to the knowledge of the company and these means of research (visit of the research department, of the test facilities,…)

Technical manager:

Dice their integration, our collaborators have a technical referent resulting from the same field as the collaborator.
This one accompanies it and frames it through these projects.
This invaluable contest is applied to the daily newspaper and comes to validate our charter quality of engagement.

Accompaniment of career:

The experiments then expert testimonies acquired with each project and mission are identified in real time and takings into account at the time of the annual statements of account.
Each year an annual meeting with place between each collaborator and his direct manager.
This one makes it possible to formalize wishes of évolution/de mobilité/de promotion, and to put them in adequacy with the projects to come.

Development of competences:

Since its creation, TOTAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS organizes each six-month period of the training programs directed technical engineering and English. It thus allows to our collaborators a multidisciplinarity of the fields of competence and a better comprehension of the project at the time of the missions.




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