GLOBAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS covers the whole of the trades essential to the tests:

Our technicians and engineers assist, advise and accompany our customers on the items by the validation.

The latter are broken with the implementations of test facilities among our customers, in-house or in our laboratories partners.
They in addition acquired rich experiments with international and in medium constrained (cold and hot)

The varied requests are articulated in the perimeters:

  • Characterization of materials and their implementations in the codes,
  • Design of the assemblies of tests,
  • Tests and follow-up correlation test-calculations,
  • Validations of the subsystems driving or mecatronic in severe medium.

In addition, GES can deal with big number of tests:

Mechanical tests and characterizations:
Tractions, foldings, impact strengths, tiredness and breaking process, experimental analyzes of the constraints

Tests and characterizations of endurances and tiredness of service:
Characterization of structures, mechanical requests of units, validation of products, reproductions of movements.

Fast dynamic tests:
Well of fall, homologations, etc

Metallurgy and analyzes:
Metallographic tests, hardness tests, tests of corrosion, chemical analyzes

Climatic tests and tests of corrosion:
Climatic tests

Tests of corrosion in artificial atmospheres nondestructive controls:
Radiographies, video tape recordings, sweatings, ultrasounds, measurements thickness

Controls on sites metrology in laboratory:
Dimensional, mass, time-frequency, pressure, mass, force, couple, electric metrology, metrology of the temperatures

Controls of products:
Measurements 3D (contact and optics)




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