GLOBAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS intervenes in the air transport and space air since its creation.

It accompanies its customers with the daily newspaper in their economic imperatives and sedentary appeared during these last decades and which require making of air vehicles combining performances and cost cutting of exploitation.

GLOBAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS thus developed, through its missions, of the know-how specifically adapted to the trades of aeronautics and space.

The realization of studies systems for:

  • The definition of functional architectures and physics,
  • The study of the reliability of the systems,
  • The modeling and the definition of the algorithms of control/operation.

CAD and digital simulation:

  • Assistance in Research department in CAD
  • Optimization by digital simulation:
    • Linear and nonlinear structural analyzes (Acoustics, Vibratory, Tiredness)
    • Fast dynamic calculations (Impact birds, etc)
    • Calculations CFD (Thermal, Aerodynamic, Coupling, etc)
    • ...

SOFTWARE EMBARK: development and realization of embarked software, software and hardware:

  • Engine control (FADEC),
  • Control braking (BSCU),
  • Management of oxygenation (OSCU), etc

Our consultants carry out benches and software allowing the validation of the systems.


Our teams are able to implement the new standards of the great aeronautic programs defined by the industrialists of aeronautics: (IMA, ABD-0100, AFDX, etc)

Moreover, we accompany our customers in the installation by reference frames quality compatible with the standards imposed in these fields: (DO-178B, DO-254, ECSS-E-40 in the field of the space one, etc).

This accompaniment takes the form of services of consulting or contractual achievements made by men and women having a strong “aeronautical and space” culture.

Lastly, we also accompany our customers on the transverse processes essential to a good management of the life cycle of the products.




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