The teams of GLOBAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS knew to capitalize and bear fruit a rich experiment in the field of the naval one and defense.

The specificity of these problems led the Company GLOBAL ENGINEERING SYSTEMS to make a recognized effort of formation through its branches and to extend its expert testimony while specializing in the Research and development and studies of projects.

It is thus perfectly capable to intervene in the phases of design, realization and validation of systems in which we can deal with:

  • assistance with the dimensioning of electronic mechanical systems,
  • mecatronic design and the realization of systems,
  • the realization of embarked software, in particular thanks to an offer innovating in the field of the automatic generation of codes,
  • the realization of testing grounds,
  • the realization of communication and information system.

It also intervenes in a step of expert testimony on the following items:

  • realization of platforms of simulation of assistance to the definition of concepts,
  • realization of software of simulation of assistance to the definition of the need and the specification for systems,
  • realization of software modules of assistance to the design of algorithms,
  • evaluation of performances of systems,
  • control of work of tests ground

Lastly, we have a transverse activity with all the development cycle of a system which makes it possible to manage and capitalize as well as possible knowledge and the technical informations and scientists.

For that we ensure:

  • the realization of systems of technical informations,
  • the realization of technical documentary systems,
  • the collection and the structuring of the knowledge of experts.

This accompaniment takes the form of services of consulting or contractual achievements made by men and women having a strong “naval culture”.

Lastly, we also accompany our customers on the transverse processes essential to a good management of the life cycle of the products.




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