“We do not inherit the ground of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


GES-GROUP owes the success of its growth and its development with a know-how acquired and recognized since many years with the national plan and international.

Supplied with projects of innovation since its creation, the technological knowledge of the company is put today at the service of a strategic direction and citizen whose major axes are the following:

  • To register new technologies in development models durable.
  • To integrate in the development cycles the influence of the stakes of the consumption of energy
  • To propose to the customers a true capacity of architecture of services, ready to meet in a total and creative way the customer requirements, with flexibility and reactivity by integrating the impact of the development.

For this reason GES-GROUP began by integrating the world pact of the United Nations in the world effort aiming reducing the production of waste, limiting the gas emissions and at saving energy. Today, through its various actions,GES-GROUP  contributes actively to the training of the engineers of tomorrow by helping them to integrate a responsible behavior on the problems with which our planet is confronted and by sensitizing them on the importance of a durable vision, and this as of the design of the product and the phases of Research & Développement.




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