Aeronautics at a crossroads!

After the economic and security imperatives of the last decades, which required the development of
air vehicles combining performance and reduced operating costs, the aeronautical field is continuing its transformation in order to
to respond to the new challenges of tomorrow’s transportation: increase in production rates, digital transformation,
development of functionalities and technologies, reduction of carbon footprint,…..

GES-group has been working in the aeronautical and space sectors since its creation and has been able to developed and capitalized through these missions of know-how specifically adapted to the aeronautics and space.

Functional areas

  • Engineering
  • Aerostructure
  • Calculations
  • Aeronautical and space systems
  • Operational safety
  • Test benches
  • Industrialization & Supply chain
  • Design to data
  • Industry 4.0


Our aeronautical offers

In order to effectively support projects throughout the value chain, the group is organized into three main competence divisions, each of which has a body of doctrine, methodologies, and professional tools dedicated to the success of projects.


Our other sectors of activity