Foundation and sponsorship

The GES Foundation

Created in 2021, the GES ESPOIR endowment fund takes over from the previous one, which came to the end of its mandate after 5 years of significant achievements. The Foundation supports and funds projects that improve living conditions in the communities where GES employees live and work.

This philanthropic fund is one of the pillars of the Group’s social commitment program and a tool for financing and supporting solidarity projects and initiatives at Group level.

Its mission is to contribute to the decisive societal transformations of tomorrow. To do this, the fund intends to open up and share the Group’s capacity for innovation, expertise and talent to act in the two areas of commitment

  • Education and professional insertion
  • Sport and health
  • Solidarity & Humanism

The Foundation can also act as a catalyst by making its ecosystem available to the selected project leaders and thus strengthen their ambition.

Passion for sports

Since the creation of the group, sport, with its values of surpassing oneself and team spirit, has been part of our DNA

the group is therefore proud to sponsor both urban and rural associations that reflect our commitment to bringing together individual and collective talents.

Each year, the group responds as much as possible to requests from amateur clubs to assist them with sponsorship issues.

Every year, the group provides these associations with complete sets of jerseys for the pleasure of young and old.

"Mens sana in corpore sano - A healthy mind in a healthy body

Some partners

Since 2005, the association Tout Le Monde Contre le Cancer has been working in France with 170 hospitals and parents’ homes. Its goal is to improve the daily lives of patients and families affected by cancer.

Each year, more than 1000 actions are carried out to bring human support and as much joy as possible to their everyday lives.

GES SAS teams collaborate in the development of TLMC’s Logistics Management System.

At the same time, GES SAS employees volunteer their time to support TLMC’s actions throughout the year.

International solidarity organization, independent and impartial.

Whether in contexts of poverty, exclusion, conflict or natural disasters, this global organization assists people with disabilities and other victims: victims of mines, cluster bombs and other explosive remnants, war wounded and refugees, victims of natural disasters, chronic or incapacitating diseases, violence, etc.