Why us?

Join GES-Group, leader in engineering in France and abroad

To reveal your uniqueness in a group in full expansion, and which is positioned as a leader in engineering in France and internationally. Our active and ambitious growth policy is accompanied by permanent recruitment for positions with a rich and evolving content, with the possibility of taking on responsibility. But joining us also means…

driving innovation
  • Because multi-sector engineering is in our DNA:
    Aeronautics, defense, automotive, energy …. it’s more chance to work in your field or to realize cross-sector experiences! 

  • Because we want to develop your skills throughout your career with a rich and varied range of professions: 
    From the blank sheet phase (R&D) to the validation and realization, it is for you the guarantee to work on missions corresponding to your training and aspirations.

  • Because, we are committed to help you achieve innovative projects:
    The quality of the projects and the clients guarantee you a daily motivation.

  • Because our “playground” has no borders, with national and international projects:
    The group accompanies its partners all over the world, thus offering numerous expatriation possibilities. 

  • Because we are committed to a motivating salary scale:
    The salary scale remains one of the most interesting in the field of technical services.

  • Because we place people and societal issues at the heart of our decisions:
    Human development is part of our common denominator. It is the guarantee of being able to express one’s ideas and put forward one’s qualities in an ethical environment that respects everyone’s rights.


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