Multiphysics Innovation (MI)

Innovate with advanced technologies

By offering a dynamic and co-creative collaboration. Engineers, administrators, project managers, the Multiphysics Innovation Division (IT) is at the heart of the  latest industrial innovations.

In order to provide the best response to the needs of our customers, our engineers  specialized in the field, all have in common their scientific culture and their taste for innovation. This translates into a feedback allowing a direct added value on the projects of our customers.

In order to better serve its customers, the division is structured around two complementary skills in order to respond to the specificity of our customers’  innovative projects:

  • Technical innovation skills, for the piloting and management of product innovation for our customers’ tools (TRIZ, etc.)
  • Competence in supporting the organizational implementation of R&D (eligibility, securing declarations, etc.)

Our Methodologies improve the visibility of groups on their R&D and thus facilitate arbitrations and decisions.

How we can help you establish
innovation strategies and to develop yourself?


Open yourself to different possible realities; systematically dive into unknown areas to discover new opportunities.

  • Cross-sectoral inspiration
  • Trend and technology spotting
  • Creative Sessions
  • Financing and Resource Management


Narrow the field and choose a path forward with a holistically modeled and engaging innovation strategy.

  • Creating visions
  • Strategy modeling
  • Development of a story


Test critical business and technology assumptions and market fit to verify and shape the chosen strategy.

  • Business modeling solutions
  • Study of the clientele
  • Proofs of Concept