Innovation management

Innovation Concept GES-Group

Boost your innovation

GES-Group provides its customers with innovation management solutions in order to ensure their competitiveness in a market that can be highly competitive and where the reduction of development time is becoming a major constraint in view of the patent policy.

Organizing and managing innovation is a dynamic and virtuous process for the group and our clients, who benefit from real added value in their development projects.

In this approach, we propose innovation management solutions based on the implementation of the following.

  • A homogeneous nomenclature of R&D activities applicable to the different departments.
  • Operational indicators
  • Tools for formalizing knowledge and know-how
  • Proven creative methodology.

Our Methodology improves the visibility of the groups on their R&D and facilitates thus arbitrations and decisions. The capitalization of the experience feedback finalizes the start of the product/service commissioning.

Innovation Concept GES-Group

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