Design – simulation and testing (DST)

With you, towards the zero prototype

The CSE division is specialized in the development and validation of mechanical products and covers all the activities of the Design Office.

It has technicians, engineers and doctors, having for common denominator a scientific culture and a passion for the development and optimization of mechanical products, small and large series, metal or plastic.

With various specialties (mechanical, digital, IT) and various experiences (junior, experienced, experts), they contribute to develop and maintain the multidisciplinarity of our teams and the diversity of our business sectors.

Their objectives? Thanks to computer-aided design (CAD) and digital simulation, make the right product the first time and at a lower cost.

On the way to the zero prototype.

Our design/CAD professions

Our consultants assist, advise and support our customers on all the major themes of the design office and in all its business, functional and technical components.

Product analysis & specifications:

  • Study of the need
  • Functional analysis
  • Value analysis
  • Analysis and improvement of existing technologies
  • Drafting of preliminary and detailed projects (APS/APD)
  • Writing of technical specifications
  • Management of technical files and interventions

Design and development:

  • Mechanical, electrical and automation studies…
  • Concept research
  • Equipment
  • Piping,
  • Instrumentation,
  • Electric
  • Automatism
  • Realization of 2D / 3D CAD plans
  • Functional scoring
  • Iso. Ratings
  • Realization of the nomenclatures
  • Realization of the manufacturing ranges, assembly, mounting…

The CAD software are the following: PTC CREO, CATIA V5, AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, NX…

Our digital simulation professions

GES-Group covers all the fields of implicit and explicit digital simulation.

The types of dimensioning mastered are multiple:

  • Linear and non linear statics
  • Vibration calculation (low frequencies, medium frequencies, high frequencies)
  • Acoustics and noise treatment
  • Endurance / fatigue
  • Fast dynamics/crash: structures and biomechanics
  • Couplings
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Composite materials and micro-structured materials
  • Thermal and thermomechanical
  • Dimensioning and optimization of structures within the framework of a multiphysics approach
  • Calculation/test correlation and parameter identification

Our test/validation activities

Our technicians and engineers assist, advise and support our customers on the items of validation. The latter are experienced in the implementation of testing means at our customers’ premises, in-house or in our partner laboratories. They have also acquired rich experience in international and constrained environments (cold and hot).

The requests of accompaniment or realization of the tests are varied and are articulated on the perimeters:

  • Characterization of materials and their implementation in codes.
  • Design of test fixtures
  • Tests and follow-up correlation tests-calculations
  • Validation of motor or mechatronic subsystems in severe environments

In addition, GES can handle a large number of tests:

  • Mechanical tests and characterizations: tensile, bending, resilience, fatigue and fracture mechanics, experimental stress analysis.
  • Endurance and service fatigue tests and characterizations : characterization of structures, solicitations of mechanical assemblies, product validation, reproductions of movements.
  • Fast dynamic tests: drop wells, approvals…
  • Metallurgy and analyses: metallographic examinations, hardness tests, corrosion tests, chemical analyses.
  • Climatic tests and corrosion tests: climatic tests…
  • Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheresnon-destructive testing: radiography, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing, ultrasound, thickness measurements
  • On-site laboratory metrology controls: dimensional, mass, time-frequency, pressure, mass, force, torque, electrical metrology, temperature metrology
  • Product controls: 3D measurements (contact and optical)