Innovation at the heart of the automotive revolution!

In the era of the smart-city, networks and transport must undertake their digital transformation. Smart, sustainable and connected. The car is no longer perceived as a means of transport, but as a set of mobility services combining comfort, driver assistance systems (ADAS) and services

Our know-how, the quality of our methodologies, and the performance of our R&D structures position us as a technological partner of reference across the entire value chain, whether it be product or process oriented.

Our strong "car culture" known and recognized by car manufacturers and equipment suppliers allows us to meet the challenges of the mobility of the future by responding to the requirements of this new low-carbon, connected society, which places safety issues at the heart of their concerns.

Innovation driver
and Advanced Technologies

  • Systems and synthesis
  • Electronics and electricity
  • Power train
  • Chassis-Suspension
  • Equipped box
  • Process
  • Digital Services


Our automotive offers

In order to effectively support projects throughout the value chain, the group is organized into six
divisions, each of which has a body of doctrine, methodologies, as well as
professional tools dedicated to the success of projects.