Our HR policy

The human being at the center of our concerns

Ethical, empathetic, inclusive: at GES-Group, we put people at the center of our concerns. We provide a framework that allows for individual expression because we promote a culture of trust and collaboration. Creating relationships, cultivating good times and investing in meaningful projects are all factors that we believe contribute to professional fulfillment and a balance between personal and professional life.

Our commitments for a fulfilling career

  • Integration tutoring:
    New employees are followed in their discovery of the company by a tutor or the first day is generally devoted to the knowledge of the company and its research resources (visit of the design office, ….)
  • Technical supervision:
    As soon as they join the company, our employees have a technical advisor from the same field as the employee. The latter accompanies and supervises him through his projects. This precious help is applied on a daily basis and validates our quality charter of commitment.
  • Career support:
    The experience and expertise acquired in each project and mission are identified in real time and taken into account during annual reviews. Each year a meeting is held between each employee and his or her direct manager. This allows us to formalize our wishes for mobility/promotion, and to match them with our future projects.
  • Competency development:
    Since its creation, the HR department has organized engineering-oriented training plans every six months. It allows our collaborators to have a multidisciplinary approach to their fields of expertise and a better understanding of the project during the missions.

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