Organization and financing of innovation

Innovation Concept GES-Group

Innovation organization

We have the experience and expertise to successfully support our clients in defining their organizational strategy, evaluating their growth opportunities, securing their innovation operations and introducing new products/services to the market.

Our support consists in accompanying you on a part or the whole of the Innovation Process:

  • Identify collaborative R&D programs (competitiveness clusters, ANR, etc.)
  • Identify Potential Partners
  • To accompany them in the phase of setting up collaborative projects.
  • Mobilize the human capital necessary for the success of the project (Project platform with Lab)
  • Manage the technical project platform.
  • Securing feedback and valorization of research
Innovation Concept GES-Group

GES SAS is currently contributing to a range of new technologies and methodologies to deliver and energize its clients’ projects. Special attention is given to the following areas:

Financing of innovation

Thanks to their experience with exceptional aid linked to the recovery plan, the innovation department can help you detect and obtain the most suitable aid for your innovative and structuring projects: innovation, R&D, investments, competitiveness, etc.

Our teams have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the tax authorities in order to strengthen the justification and security of your request for assistance in this investment program.

France 2030: 30 billion euros to develop industrial competitiveness and future technologies

Tax measures and subsidies for innovative projects

Discover our multiphysics innovation department: