Process maintenance & Quality (PMQ)

Process Maintenance and Quality (PMQ)

The Process maintenance and quality division (PMQ) covers all the trades that are essential to the process, quality and maintenance business; it is involved in the implementation of technical and organizational solutions aimed at achieving the set cost, quality and deadline objectives:
It intervenes from the feasibility study, implementing an organization and project management in accordance with the ISO 10006 standard.

Our method/manufacturing professions

  • Transfer of production between sites and increase in production rate
  • Assembly studies
  • Studies and validation of tools (molds,…)
  • Formalization of customer expectations, understanding of the process environment
  • Audits and diagnoses based on the 5Ms: environment, material, means, method, manpower
  • Machine capability studies
  • Improvement of product and process FMEAs.
  • Synthesis, proposals and validation of solutions with the operational staff
  • Implementation of agreed solutions, including MSP monitoring system
  • Training of operational staff
  • Continuous measurement of process performance changes.
  • Qualification/validation/certification (QI,Q0,QP) of processes

Our quality professions

Project Management:

  • Ensure the effective management of new product/process development projects
  • Conducting the project prescribed by the manufacturers planning quality for new products
  • Application of reference tools and automotive/aeronautical and defense standards (FMECA, MSP, MSA, PPAP/PPA…)
  • Monitor performance indicators: project quality/cost, deadline, schedule, delivery.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Management of continuous improvement projects:
  • Achieve gains by reducing non-quality costs (NCQ) and optimizing cycle times
  • Implementation of quality basics

Supplier Quality Assurance :

  • Audits & risk studies of suppliers
  • Evaluation of suppliers based on PPM and claims performance
  • QRs challenge, PDCA-FTA of suppliers
  • Preparation of ” charge back supplier ” files
  • Support and follow-up of action plans (8D, PDCA) following non-compliance

Customer/Operational Quality Assurance:

  • Mastery of the QRQC tool
  • Mastery of quality tools: FMEA / 5 WHY / ISHIKAWA / PDCA-FTA / PSQ / 8D …
  • In-depth knowledge of customer requirements/specifications.
  • Knowledge of standards: ISO 9001 /ISO14001-45001/ISO TS/IATF 16949 / EN 9100 /ISO26262 / NADCAP certification /…

Project Quality Assurance:

  • Ensure customer requirements (STE PSA/QSB Plus,…)
  • Preparation of FAI & PPAP files
  • Ensure the APQP process & preparation of customer audits
  • To manage and update the process FMEA;

Our maintenance professions

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Curative maintenance
  • Equipment qualification testing and reporting procedures
  • Security system
  • Prediction with statistics
  • Definition of optimal intervention times
  • Inspection schedule
  • Installation of sensors & measurements
  • Data analysis
  • Evaluation of costs