Banking / insurance / public sectors

GES-Group accelerates the capacity for innovation and digitalization of the banking-finance-insurance business lines, by making its expertise and knowledge capitalization available to them .

Technicians and engineers, well versed in regulations and security, participate daily in the improvement of the value chain and in the new strategic challenges of a connected society; requiring new modes of use and dedicated tools (Big data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence).

Finally, the functional knowledge of the sectors, the technical and technological expertise of the data (UX/UI design, application, Big Data…) contribute to the success of the transformation projects.

Trades covered:

  • Regulatory compliance and cyber security
  • Customer experience and new services
  • Transaction security (blockchain)
  • Optimization and productivity (robots)
  • BFA software package
  • Insurance
  • Retail Banking
GES group, banque assurance, secteur public